Another fantastic testimonial!

Well done to Jeanette, who runs Talking Tots classes in West Sussex. She has secured a long term contract at Barns Green Playgroup, after running a short course and impressing all the staff.

The testimonial is superb..............

'We were recently introduced to Talking tots. All of our staff have been very impressed with the sessions and have gained useful knowledge and fresh ideas to implement generally at Playgroup. Talking Tots helped the children prepare for school as well being interactive and fun, it worked on their concentration levels, listening skills and helped develop phonological awareness in which they learned to be able to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes.

The children have been very excited and enthusiastic about Talking Tots. Jeanette is excellent with them and gears the activities and level of involvement according to each child’s needs and capabilities. She has great enthusiasm when delivering the programme and we have had lots of positive feedback from parents, where children have talked excitedly about it at home.

Having experienced the impact on the children after 6 sessions we have decided to make it a regular part of our curriculum for the children in their final year at Playgroup. We feel it will provide them with a good foundation to excel in Communication Language and Literacy and is fantastic to build concentration and listening skills in a fun interactive way. We are confident that Talking Tots will enrich our learning environment at Barns Green Playgroup!'



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