Back to Books 2014 - Competition time!!


We love books at Talking Tots!

We at Talking Tots are excited to be doing our Back to Books week 3rd – 7th November for the second year, to raise awareness of how communication & literacy is at the heart of Talking Tots. There will be lots of fun activities in classes that week, including book swaps and dressing up as favourite book characters.

There’s a competition too, so send pictures of your child reading books in unusual places to your local class leader or to us at Head office, A £100 toy bundle goes to the most unusual! 

NB: We reserve the right to use all entries for publicity purposes.

To help parents make the most of every storytime, Talking Tots has put together a guide for parents with top tips on reading to your children and free downloadable games to help stimulate communication and language skills through story telling. 

Click here for more information.


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