About Us

We are Tracey Park and Lisa Houghton. As mums with five girls between us, we were inspired to create Talking Tots in 2005 by our experiences raising our own children, and after spending many years working as paediatric Speech and Language Therapists in the NHS.

Learning Through Play

Talking Tots is based on the simple idea that children who can communicate clearly and confidently have a huge head start when it comes to learning, making friends and expressing themselves. We understand that children learn best through play, so we’ve created a programme that combines games, songs, rhymes and fun activities to gently boost children’s communication and social skills.

A Unique Pre-school Programme

We’ve used our experience as paediatric speech and language therapists to create a fun, rich programme that can benefit all children. Our classes are carefully designed and structured to build on each stage of your child’s natural language and communication development, providing just the right combination of fun, excitement and learning. Crucially, Talking Tots is a full three-year programme – meaning your little one will continue to be challenged and engaged by the classes no matter what age they are.

Our unique programme was developed with the help of a team of early years experts, including teachers, educational psychologists and fellow speech and language therapists. You can be confident that our classes won’t interfere with more formal learning programmes, and will make the transition into the classroom a little easier for your little one.

Since we launched our first Talking Tots class in Lytham in 2005, we have been absolutely thrilled by the response from parents and children. We believe that Talking Tots offers something special for pre-schoolers. While there are lots of classes focusing on sport or music, we’re the only class that is dedicated to helping your children develop communication skills and confidence – perhaps the most important skills we ever learn!

Fun for Every Child

Don’t worry if your child is one of the 10% of children with a speech or language delay, as the Talking Tots programme has been designed to support all children. Our friendly class leaders will help every child to settle in and have lots of fun in our classes.

Wherever you are in the UK, we hope you’ll come along and discover the Talking Tots difference, and help your child to communicate with confidence!



Lisa & Tracey


Both my son and I absolutely love Talking Tots in Lytham We were made to feel so welcome even before we attended and didnt feel new or alone in the group.The activities are just right for my son and every week he gets a little more involved.I cant recommend this group enough
Claire, Mum of Ruben.
I cannot speak more highly or recommend this class more.
Jenny, Mum to Luca and Jasmine, Leigh
Very enjoyable. A bright, friendly class - my 1 and 3 year old come together and both get something from it.
Blathnaid, Aisling aged 3 years and Ewan aged 1 year
75 percent of heads of nurseries and schools admitting three-year-olds have noticed a significant decline in children’s language competence at entry over the last five years.
National Association of Head Teachers