About our classes

Talking Tots is the UK's original and favourite provider of fun, interactive classes that gently boost preschool children's communication and social skills. Our friendly and exciting classes can help all children develop some of life's most important skills:

  • Concentration and attention, making learning easier
  • Self-esteem and social confidence, vital for making new friends
  • Pre-literacy skills, helping pave the way for reading and writing
  • Communication skills, helping little ones express themselves
  • Sharing and taking turns, helping everyone get along better


Baby Talk 4m+ ... babbling babies 

(subject to availability)

This is a delightful and informative 6 week course for babies from 4 months to around 12 months and is a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with your baby at this special time. Baby Talk classes introduce you to the importance of early communication skills and how to develop them.

We hope you'll love it so much that you will join the full Talking Tots programme! We help parents to play with their babies in a way that develops early skills such as eye contact, listening skills, turn taking and sound awareness.

We encourage parents to support their babies in heuristic/ sensory play through child led discovery.
Baby Talk classes have a relaxed feel and are a great place for parents to meet and make new friends.

Sprites 12m+ ... boosting early chatter 

Shortly after his first birthday, your baby will discover an exciting new game – words! At this age, toddlers love learning new words and playing with sounds.

At Sprites, we help you and your child to explore new words and sounds together, through interactive games, songs, and rhymes. Our exclusive picture card activities help little ones to make sense of the relationships between words, building an early awareness of sounds and meaning.

Most of all, Sprites will encourage your child’s natural love of language and communication by providing an exciting, playful introduction to the magic of words.

Sprinters 2+ ...  building confident communication

Between the ages of two and three, toddlers learn hundreds of new words, gestures and sounds. But even the chattiest toddler still has a lot to learn about communication.

At Sprinters, your child will take part in fun-packed games, action rhymes and songs that help build vital communication and social skills such as listening, taking turns and making eye contact.

Each friendly and supportive class incorporates individual props and games, along with brightly coloured picture cards, that encourage your child to explore words and early language. These skills are the very first building blocks of literacy.

Sparklers 3+ ...  paving the way for school

Sparklers is a fun-packed, exciting introduction to words, sounds, rhymes and word play – vital pre-literacy skills that will help children when it’s time to learn to read and write.

Of course, children don’t know they’re learning at Sparklers – they’re too busy enjoying our exclusive picture games, action songs, group games and stories. Each session is carefully designed to boost your child’s communication while helping develop the concentration and listening skills your child will need in the classroom.

Our activities will also help encourage children to take turns and share in a group setting – great practice for the move to big school!

One younger sibling can attend for free!

Older brothers and sisters are welcome to join in during school holidays.



I cannot speak more highly or recommend this class more.
Jenny, Mum to Luca and Jasmine, Leigh
Nearly 50 percent of a child's learning occurs in the first four years of life. The more stimulus babies and young children get in terms of being read and talked to, the greater their capacity for language and literacy.
The National Literacy Trust
Both my son and I absolutely love Talking Tots in Lytham We were made to feel so welcome even before we attended and didnt feel new or alone in the group.The activities are just right for my son and every week he gets a little more involved.I cant recommend this group enough
Claire, Mum of Ruben.
Very enjoyable. A bright, friendly class - my 1 and 3 year old come together and both get something from it.
Blathnaid, Aisling aged 3 years and Ewan aged 1 year
75 percent of heads of nurseries and schools admitting three-year-olds have noticed a significant decline in children’s language competence at entry over the last five years.
National Association of Head Teachers